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Instructions to Parents

  1. Parents should encourage their children to actively take part in all extracurricular activities.
  2. Parents’ co-operation and involvement are mandatory for maintaining discipline in the school and ensuring academic progress of their wards.
  3. Enquire about your child’s progress at least once in a month.
  4. Parent Teacher’s meetings should be regularly attended to discuss the performance and progress of the child.
  5. Parents are expected to go through the handbook carefully and parents should not forget to provide their specimen signature in the School Diary/Handbook.
  6. We earnestly request the parents to make use of the handbook everyday and see to it that the lesson and homework assigned for the next day are completed. The teachers will communicate with parents through the handbook. Parents prompt attention to those remarks is very essential.
  7. Parents should use the “Leave Record” form in the handbook when applying for leave or explaining the absence of their children.
  8. Parents should acknowledge the circular sent from school in the column provided in the Almanac.
  9. Complaints / legitimate grievances if any should be addressed to the principal.
  10. Parents ‘/ Guardians ‘are requested to respond to the calls from the school positively (if called).
  11. School expects the co-operation of the parents to ensure that: (a) The children come to school regularly and punctually, dressed neatly and correctly. (b) The children bring to school their books and note-books which should be properly maintained.
  12. Parents should send their children in the specified school uniform.
  13. Students should always wear their School ID card.
  14. Children should do their home work by themselves unless they require some guidance.
  15. In case home work has not been completed by the due date then it should be communicated clearly to the class teacher with reason.
  16. Parents shall check the notebooks, textbooks, school bag, uniform of the student and other articles every day.
  17. Parents shall meet the class teacher after student’s leave on all working days.
  18. Parents should seek permission at the office to meet a student or staff for a genuine reason.
  19. Do not send your child to school if he or she is suffering from any infectious disease.
  20. If the student is likely to be absent due to illness for a long period the Principal must be informed as soon as possible. (Parents should inform the school of any recurring or persistent medical problem of their ward)
  21. Students should carry one napkin, a spoon and a water bottle duly labelled along with their lunch.
  22. It is compulsory to send a spare dress in the child’s bag. (For Kindergarten Students)
  23. Encourage your ward to read good books or play games, instead of viewing TV.
  24. Parents should ensure that their wards do not bring any objectionable books, magazine, picture or any other material that may violate the disciplinary norms of the school. Otherwise the same will be destroyed in the presence of the student.
  25. Please do not give mobile phone to your child. If student is found carrying a mobile phone, it will be confiscated and a heavy fine will be imposed.
  26. Criticism of a teacher of the school in presence of a child must be scrupulously avoided as it causes students to lose respect for their teacher with the consequent failure to learn from her, thus retarding the child’s progress.
  27. While the management is always aware of safety precautions and takes them, it is still a fact that in the best run houses and in the safest places, things can go wrong. It must be understood that parents/guardian entrust their children/wards with the school staff at their own risk and the management will at no time be held liable, in case of unavoidable, or unexplainable accidents arising from mala fide behaviour of the students in its care. This applies not only to the school premises but also on the streets, picnics, camps, excursions, etc.
  28. Parents are specially requested to notify the school immediately if there is any change in their address, telephone number or emergency contact person.
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